Group Chat is a Zoom like application that allows you to see and hear the other memebers in the room as they can see and here you. This is a very early version of the service that will be tweaked (sic) as we go. Powered by the powerful and secure jitsi-meet. All data is end to end encrypted for your security - unlike Zoom! You can find out more at

Currently there is no limit on the number users in the room at one time, please do not leave your cams on all day if you are not active, infront of the camera and interacting - it runs up the electric bill!

Mobile Users

Great news! Group Chat also works on your mobile devices. You will need to download and install the free jitsi-meet app from your app store. Then its just a matter of setting the display name to your profile, the server name to & entering the room name "GrandSlammerz" plaese note that this is case sensitive. Click the button to see the settings 



Let Us Know What You Think

We have already listened to feedback and have removed the option to add a password to the room and removed the option to kick people out of the room.  If you have any suggestions how the chat room can be improved please do let us know.


Group Video Chat is free for all members for a limited time only. At the end of the trials the service will only be available to paying members.